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Ultrasound Assisted Orthopedic Surgery
     Ultrasound is a medical imaging method of the human body and is used by many specialties such as gynecology, surgery, pathology, and orthopedics.  Orthopedics recently added the possibility of diagnosis and the possibility of interventions. So many interventions can now be done without open access but with the direct help of ultrasounds. Ultrasound Assisted Orthopedic Surgery is a new branch of Orthopedics. Ultrasound guidance (USG) allows the doctor to locate anatomical structures under the skin and safely and accurately perform a simple injection into a tendon joint or to make releases of trapped nerves, or fenestrations on tendinosis, or remove calcifications or even extract biopsy tissue absolutely percutaneus through ultra minimal incision namely from the same needle hole  under  real-time ultrasound visualizion.

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