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About Us

Purpose of the company is publishing productivity software applications and  services, especially in the field of medicine.


Our company is a merging feat of medicine and high end digital technology, based in Thessaloniki Greece.  Its force consists of excellent pioneers in Medicine, who always have innovative product services around health applications, making the most of Digital potential of merging medicine with technology.

             Purpose of is to help health care providers to be more efficient in clinical practice by the use of apps .  specializes  in developing applications  for  health related issues   

The course of our company -stating as a group of scientist at 2017, appears officialy as company  at 2023 -year of foundation- until today and  includes dozens of successful apps  for apple and android. By building Apps that stand out and perform even in the toughest of circumstances,  has managed to stand out because it always delivers on what it says, further strengthening the trust of its loyal clientele.

      Growth, inspiring ideas, extroversion are the immediate priorities and core elements of the company's philosophy, which is why it always seeks cooperation with various agencies and medical companies in Orthopaedics, health agencies, but also with other notable colleagues in differents fields of medicines.

Our concern is to ensure  that all apps are working the most and are functional and reliable and continuously updated . We achieve this precisely because we have: Know-how & Experience, in medicine and clinical hardship that every days faces a doctor, creative imagination, responsive  services, willingness to cooperate with other companies,Top technology, Security, Speed
Support and development.

Let’s Work Together

 MANTZARIDOU street, no. 3

Thessaloniki, Greece 

Tel: +306944250035

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tl+30-2310- 539390   int 110   sofia beikoy (e−mail),

 Dun & Bradstreet global database with DUNS number 525265593 , in the corresponding service of the General Commercial Register (G.E.MH) with number- 170705406000- as well as in the local Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki.

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