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About Us

Purpose of the company is publishing productivity software applications and  services, especially in the field of medicine.


Our company is a merging feat of medicine and high end digital technology, based in Thessaloniki Greece.  Its force consists of excellent pioneers in Medicine, who always have innovative product services around health applications, making the most of Digital potential of merging medicine with technology.

             Purpose of is to help health care providers to be more efficient in clinical practice by the use of apps .

    specializes  in developing applications  for  health related issues   

The course of our company -stating as a group of scientist at 2017, appears officialy as company  at 2023 -year of foundation- until today and  includes dozens of successful apps  for apple and android. By building Apps that stand out and perform even in the toughest of circumstances,  has managed to stand out because it always delivers on what it says, further strengthening the trust of its loyal clientele.

           Growth, inspiring ideas, extroversion are the immediate priorities and core elements of the company's philosophy, which is why it always seeks cooperation with various agencies and medical companies in Orthopaedics, health agencies, but also with other notable colleagues in differents fields of medicines.

          Our concern is to ensure  that all apps are working the most and are functional and reliable and continuously updated. We achieve this precisely because we have: Know-how & Experience, in medicine and clinical hardship that every days faces a doctor, creative imagination, responsive services, willingness to cooperate with other companies,Top technology, Security, Speed
Support and development.

Company history
 has established itself as an innovator in medical  orthopaedic technology especially in augmented. Reality and the journey began 2017 when Dr. N.G.Papadimitriou the founder -  start publishing with his team  the first orthopaedic appilcation in Apple Store and after years of rigorous research and development, in different field of orthopaedics and by publishing 40 applications far  in App Store in 2021 s.m.P.C. was founded by incorporating  a new  team of visionary engineers and orthopedic surgeons who recognized the transformative potential of augmented reality (AR) in surgical procedures. Forward-thinking software developers and medical professionals, the company was born out of a shared recognition that the future of surgery lies in precision-enhanced tools that can seamlessly integrate into the operating room.** emerged from a convergence of expertise in augmented reality technology and orthopedic surgery.The synergy between their expertise led to the development of's proprietary Augmented Reality navigations  softwares  in which are  availiable in  app store. The  following navigational softwares in Augmented reality with markers  have been developed for 


 A.  joint replacement surgeries  

a. hip 

 1.Hipnavipro app  a navigational software for total hip replacement in augmented reality with markers guidance for cup position and femur femur ,

,2.Navitool hip app a navigational software for total hip replacement in augmented reality with markers guidance for cup position

3.Femurosteotomythr App a navigational software in augmented reality  aiding surgeon for femur osteotomy during total hip replacement

4. Screw Cup NaviAR app  a  navigational software in augmented reality  aiding surgeon to place screw in cup I pelvis for total hip arthroplasty


b. Knee kneenaviar App A navigational software in augmented reality with markers   aiding surgeon to place total knee arthroplasty



B. Trauma 

mnailscrewar app a navigational software in augmented reality  aiding surgeon to place distal screw in intramedullary nailing


C. Pediatric Orthopaedics 

harnessarapp a navigational software in augmented reality  aiding surgeon to place in right position the abduction splint


D.general Orthopaedics

dynamicgoniometerar app a navigational software in augmented reality  aiding surgeon to measure angle in space


E. orthopaedic

corectiar app a navigational software in augmented reality  aiding surgeon to do osteotomies in 3d

around the knee


All these are coupled with extensive clinical trials -puplications are pending or studies are not finalized and demonstrated improved surgical accuracy.


 In these applications we have succeeded in merging the techniques of computer-assisted orthopedic surgery (CAOS) and augmented reality without the need to purchase expensive equipment. In augmented reality, the navigation information is displayed in the surgeon's field of vision, such as angles, distances, choice of materials, etc.  necessary for the operation, displayed in the user's field of vision at the time of the operation. The average orthopaedic surgeon who now has an iPhone installing applications with augmented reality technology will be able to have an expensive navigation system that can be used every day without the need for accreditation or expensive consumables or requiring special expensive equipment.

All these application help the average  surgeon to achieve the optimal biomechanical results without relying on subjective measurements based on the measurement byhis eye or  the ‘’experience’’ of  the surgeon.


The company quickly gained recognition for its groundbreaking approach to surgical navigation and has since been at the forefront of technological advancements within the medical field.

Our vision 

Get to Know Us

At, our vision is clear: To revolutionize joint replacement surgery through advanced AR technology that enhances precision without compromising on safety or efficiency. We aim to set new standards in surgical practices by providing tools that empower surgeons to perform at their best while ensuring patients have access to less invasive procedures with faster recovery times.

We envision a future where our markerless AR navigation software becomes an integral part of every orthopedic operating room worldwide—transforming not just individual surgeries but shaping the entire landscape of orthopedic care. Apple's Vision Pro has just arrived on market and never before  has been attempted to combine it with  markerless navigation systems in joint replacement surgeries. Apple's Vision Pro, offers high end state-of-the-art technology utilizing augmented reality (AR) and machine learning, overcoming previous Optical see-through head-mounted devices  in this field. envisions a world where every surgeon has access to intuitive AR tools that enhance their natural abilities and improve patient outcomes. Our vision is to create an ecosystem where technology fades into the background while supporting critical decision-making processes during joint replacement procedures.

We aim to establish our markerless AR navigation software as the gold standard across orthopedic operating rooms worldwide—providing unparalleled accuracy, reducing operative times, minimizing complications, and promoting faster recovery periods for patients.


Our ambition is bold yet attainable; we strive to be global leaders in surgical navigation solutions within the next decade. By continuously innovating and adapting our technology according to surgeon feedback and patient needs, we plan on expanding our reach across multiple continents. is dedicated not only to advancing healthcare technology but also driving down costs associated with joint replacement surgeries—making these life-changing procedures more accessible for all segments of society regardless economic status .


Furthermore , we are committed ongoing education training programs ensure surgeons around world can fully leverage benefits offered by our software . As part industry-wide shift towards data-driven personalized medicine , we see ourselves playing pivotal role integrating real-time analytics decision-making processes during surgery .


Ultimately , it's about improving quality life — one surgery time . With each successful procedure powered by Orthopractis com’s innovative solutions , we move closer realizing this grand ambition transforming how joint replacements are performed globally .


Our ambition extends beyond just being pioneers; we aspire to be catalysts for change within surgical practices globally. is dedicated to continuous innovation—pushing boundaries not only technologically but also through fostering partnerships with leading medical institutions to further research and education within this field.


We are committed to making our cutting-edge solutions accessible across diverse healthcare settings—from high-end hospitals in metropolitan areas to remote clinics around the world—democratizing advanced surgical care regardless of location or economic barriers.


In pursuit of these goals:


- We will relentlessly refine our technology based on real-world feedback from surgeons.

- We plan on expanding our portfolio beyond joint replacements into other areas where precision is paramount.

- We aim at building intelligent features into our platform using machine learning algorithms that can predict potential complications before they occur.


Ultimately , Orthopractis com’s ambition is not just about advancing medical devices ; it’s about empowering healthcare professionals improving lives one successful operation time . Through dedication , collaboration , relentless pursuit excellence , we believe can reshape landscape modern surgery leave lasting positive impact humanity .

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